Our 3 sectors of activity

Web addiction, chronic creativity, team spirit: at Platinum Box, we explore, we imagine, we develop digital strategies with passion and determination.

Our Philosophy

Combining skills and creativity, mixing demand and enthusiasm to create a worldwide efficient and stimulating synergy.

We are passionate and curious people brimming with the desire to understand, create and meet challenges. The effervescence of our talents coupled with our experience gives an international and dynamic approach to digital problematics. Anxious to promote new relevant and motivating projects, we pay close attention to the ideas of our collaborators so that each and every one of them is able to thrive by expressing their skills in the service of our clients.

Our Mission

Conceiving a global digital strategy: exploring new ways to offer innovative and relevant concepts.

Everything’s fast on the web. Too fast sometimes. Still, it’s essential to put these lightning evolutions into perspective. Using monitoring tools, we consult the innovations so as to make the most of them and add a real value to our communication. The goal of a digital strategy is to evolve towards new ways of developing the basics of your brand without impairing it from obtaining prospects to making them loyal to your company.

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Are you consumed by the desire to express your creativity and skills? We offer you the opportunity to put your ideas forward in a working environment which is both open and demanding.


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